JSW Steel Ltd

State of the art manufacturing facilities at Vijaynagar Works and Dolvi Works



Apt for earthquake-prone zones and are more resistant to shocks
due to a combination of higher strength and ductility


JSW Steel Vijaynagar Works

First Integrated Steel Plant in India to have 10 MTPA capacity at a single location

JSW Neosteel TMT Bars

The first choice for Landmark Projects

About JSW

With a workforce of over 40,000 individuals representing multiple nationalities,
JSW is known to be the 'strategic first mover'.

  • 40000


  • $12 billion


  • 18 MTPA

    Installed Capacity

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  • Global Network

    A $12 billion conglomerate, with presence across India, USA, South America & Africa, the JSW Group is a part of the O.P. Jindal Group with strong footprints across core economic sectors, namely, Steel, Energy, Infrastructure, Cement, Ventures and Sports.

  • Corporate Citizenship

    Regular engagement with different stakeholder groups forms an integral part of our business strategy. With best of our efforts, we strive towards transforming our stakeholder engagement into an active two-way dialogue.

  • Foundation

    JSW Foundation is the social development arm of JSW with a belief that every life is important and must be given fair opportunities to make best out of it.

JSW Neosteel Benefits

JSW Steel TMT, branded as JSW Neosteel are manufactured through primary production process to ensure purity and superior quality. The state of art and technical advanced bar rod mills for production are supplied from Danieli, Italy and Morgan, USA. JSW NEOSTEEL is toughened high strength HYQST (High Yield Quenched + and Self Tempered) TMT Bar.

  • Highest Level
    Of Purity

    Highest Level
    Of Purity

    Manufactured from iron ore, our TMT bars have the highest grade of purity and lowest sulphur and phosphorous content, making it strong.

  • Consistent Quality
    Across The Bar

    Consistent Quality
    Across The Bar

    Our HYQST technology ensures a uniform quality across the bar. The proof is a perfect ring that can be seen across any cross-section of the bar.

  • Best Bonding With

    Best Bonding With

    Well-defined ribs that exceed the standard AR value specifications, ensuring better bonding with cement.

  • Transparent


    JSW Neosteel End Consumer Pricing, ensures transparency and uniformity in pricing across the state.

Pure Steel = Strong Homes

Steel reinforcement bars help the concrete members resist tensile stresses when embedded in concrete. Manufactured from virgin iron ore in state of the art rolling mills, every single running foot of JSW Neosteel TMT bars is free from impurities and has uniform properties.

Product Options

JSW Neosteel conforms to Indian, American, British and Australian Standards. It also meets specific customer requirements with a supply of customized products and ensures the availability of expert services in product application and end use.
It is manufactured in JSW Neosteel 500 & JSW Neosteel 500 D grade, JSW Neosteel 550 D, JSW Neosteel 600 and JSW Neosteel CRS grade.

  • JSW Neosteel500 D

    Premium High strength TMT re-bars with the best UTS/YS ratio resulting in highly ductile performance of the bars. This allows for highest percentage elongation of bars under service loads thereby making them suitable for construction in areas prone to high seismic activity

  • JSW Neosteel550 D

    Super premium high strength and high ductility TMT re-bars typically used in construction of ordinary residential & commercial projects, infrastructure projects and in earthquake prone areas due to a high value of percentage elongation

  • JSW Neosteel600

    Ultra premium & ultra high strength TMT re-bars. Typically used in construction of high rise structures, structures subjected to high service loads, heavy duty infrastructure projects and in cases where the maximum area of reinforcement steel is to be reduced

  • JSW NeosteelCRS

    High strength corrosion resistant TMT re-bars. Typically used in construction in coastal areas, areas with high salinity in the air, industrial areas, construction of marine structures and in areas with high acid content in the air.


Landmark structures reinforced with JSW Neosteel

  • Yamuna Expressway

    Yamuna Expressway

    Reinforced with JSW Neosteel TMT bars

    Conceived with the idea of reducing the travel time between Delhi and Agra, the Yamuna Expressway Project between Greater Noida and Agra, the longest Access Controlled six lane (extendable to eight lanes) concrete pavement expressway was conceived by Government of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2001. In a first for military aviation in India, Indian Air Force on May 21, 2015 successfully landed a French Dassault Mirage-2000 on the Yamuna Expressway near Raya village, Mathura.

  • Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

    Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

    Reinforced with JSW Neosteel TMT bars

    Ever since the first test was played on the ground in the 1974-75 season, the iconic Wankhede stadium in Mumbai has been the venue for a number of memorable moments in the history of Indian cricket. The stadium can accommodate approximately 33000 spectators and has stands named after famous Indian cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar and Vijay Merchant. One of the highlights of the stadium is the suspended cantilever roofs. No beam supports on the roofs ensure better view for the spectators.

  • T2,CSIA, Mumbai

    T2,CSIA, Mumbai

    Reinforced with JSW Neosteel TMT bars

    The Terminal 2 of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is the country’s first vertical passenger terminal integrating world class design, architecture, construction practices and iperational efficiency. The T2 is home to India’s largest public art programme, titled ‘Jaya He’, in the form of a 3.2 km multi-storey Art Wall, illuminated by skylights, that has over 5000 pieces of artwork and artifacts from every region & corner of India.

  • Mumbai Metro

    Mumbai Metro

    Reinforced with JSW Neosteel TMT bars

    The first phase of the metro rail in Mumbai covers a 11.4 km stretch with trains every 4 minutes. With the total cost going upwards of Rs. 4,321 crores, an estimated 1.5 million people use the services of the Metro on a daily basis. It has helped cut down the travel time to a third of what it was along the same route prior to the metro.

  • Chennai Metro

    Chennai Metro

    Reinforced with JSW Neosteel TMT bars

    With lines along two corridors covering a total length of 45.1 km , upon completion, the Chennai Metro will be the first metro project in India that will integrate the other public transport systems. The project is expected to reduce the travel time from one end of the city to the other by about 75%.

  • Mumbai ATC Tower

    Mumbai ATC Tower

    Reinforced with JSW Neosteel TMT bars

    It is the tallest ATC tower in the country with a roof that is 84 meter above the ground. Built at a cost of rs. 125 crore, the tower offers an uninterrupted five mile 360o view of the surroundings.

  • Kalapakkam Atomic Power station

    Kalapakkam Atomic Power station

    Reinforced with JSW Neosteel TMT bars

    The Madras Atomic Power station at Kalapakkam, Tamil Nadu is the first fully indigenously constructed nuclear power plant. A beachhead at Kalapakkm also hosts India’s first indigenous Pressurised (light) water reactor. The 80 MW reactor was developed by BARC as the land based prototype of the Nuclear Power unit for India’s nuclear submarines.

  • Lodha World Towers (Mumbai)

    Lodha World Towers (Mumbai)

    Reinforced with JSW Neosteel TMT bars

    The World Towers in Mumbai are set to redefine the skyline of the country. The tallest of the three World Towers, the World one Tower is a 117 storey high tower that is set to be second tallest residential tower in the world. With a total height of 442 meters, the tower will house 290 flats and is the first tower in the country to breach the 400 meter height mark.

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