JSW Neosteel Products

JSW Neosteel conforms to Indian, American, British and Australian Standards. It also meets specific customer requirements with a supply of customized products and ensures the availability of expert services in product application and end use.

It is manufactured in JSW Neosteel 550 D, JSW Neosteel 600 and JSW Neosteel CRS grade.

  • JSW Neosteel 550 D

    Super premium high strength and high ductility TMT re-bars typically used in construction of ordinary residential & commercial projects, infrastructure projects and in earthquake prone areas due to a high value of percentage elongation

  • JSW Neosteel 600

    Ultra premium & ultra high strength TMT re-bars. Typically used in construction of high rise structures, structures subjected to high service loads, heavy duty infrastructure projects and in cases where the maximum area of reinforcement steel is to be reduced

  • JSW Neosteel CRS

    High strength corrosion resistant TMT re-bars. Typically used in construction in coastal areas, areas with high salinity in the air, industrial areas, construction of marine structures and in areas with high acid content in the air.

  • JSW Neosteel Fastbuild

    TMT bars are the soul of all the construction a infrastructure projects. While most of the TMT rebars supplied are in the form of 12m straight bars, the industry uses more than 90% of TMT rebars in cut a bend form.